Experience a journey of your lifetime when you travel through European cities and enjoy sports tours, special clinics, tournaments and summer festivals for students. Visit historic places in Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Madrid and enjoy best of soccer facilities with specialized training and scouting. We offer some exclusive Ski resorts for beginners and advanced courses in Switzerland and Italy. Best Multi sport facilities in Malta and Russia and catch a glimpse of your favorite soccer players at some of the best sporting venues and Events.



   Tournaments * Tours * Coaching clinics

soccer europe tour



Best time: Anytime
Options: Tours, tournament, camps


hockey europe tours



Best time: Anytime
Options: Tours, camps


cricket europe tours



Best time: Mar- Oct
Options: Camp


multi sport tours

Multi Sport


Best time: Anytime
Options: Tournament, camps


ski europe tours



Best time: Nov-April
Options: Beginners/Advanced courses, recreation tour


Other Sport tours: Basketball, Badminton and Tennis

Recreation & Excursion
france tour

Explore tranquil villages, mountains,
fashion and Mediterranean beaches - France

spain tour

Known for its Soccer madness,
festivals and culture -Spain

italy tours

"Colosseum"The Flavius amphitheatre is the biggest
and most imposing in the Roman world -Italy

eurokpa park tour

Europa is the largest theme park in Germany and
the second most popular theme park resort in Europe

switzerland tour

Enjoy the best resorts for
Ski holidays and tours -Switzerland


Other European destinations for Sports tours: Netherlands, Russia and Portugal

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