Southeast Asia or South eastern Asia is a sub-region of Asia, consisting of the countries that are geographically south of China, east of India, west of New Guinea and north of Australia. Melsh tours are glad to offer tours to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Southeast Asia's culture is dominantly influenced by the Indians and Chinese as well as its colonizers. There are some exciting learning sports tours and coaching camps to Malaysia and Singapore including girl’s hockey and basketball tours with best of international training facility around these places. Thailand, Vietnam and Borneo offer some great cultural and educational recreational school trips.



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hockey south east asea tours



Best time: All year
Options: Tour, Tournament, camps


soccer south east asea tours



Best time: All year
Options: Tour, tournament, camps


basketball south east asea tours australia



Best time: All year
Options: Tours, camp


multi sport asea tours

Multi Sport


Best time: All year
Options: Tours, summer camp, festivals


Other Sport tours: Cricket, Netball, Tennis and Badminton

Recreation & Excursion
sentosa tour

Enjoy night safari at Sentosa Island
and Gardens of the bay

mount-kinabalu tour

Legoland, Petronas towers and
Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia

thailand tours

Experience the Thai
culture and heritage

vietnam tour

Explore the scenic beauty
and history of Vietnam


Discover Borneo’s
Wildlife and beaches


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